Patric Young

Hello world, this is the one and only Patric Young of the Florida Gators. This is my first time doing this so give me a break if this first post isn’t as good as ones you are used to. I vow to do my best and give all the readers a personal perspective of a University of Florida basketball player on the world and in sport. I can assure you that this will be fun, so stay tuned in and I will post on my Twitter every time that I have a new entry. Hopefully you will enjoy and thank you for your time.

As you might already know, this is my sophomore year at the University of Florida. This year we had a successful season that came to a disappointing end against Louisville, but we made it a lot further than anybody in the country thought we would go, including the President of the United States. This team went through some really tough ups and downs on and off the court that directly reflected us throughout the season, but we were finally able to push through all of the adversity by tournament time. After my experience this season, I have come to know that this team has a chance to achieve something special in the future that can be accomplished if we all put in the work and remain committed. I’ve talked to a few of my teammates and we really want to win everything next year. Falling one game short of the Final Four two years in a row has been a disappointment, but this team is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the year to come.

Our team should be called the “Band of Brothers” because we are a really close bunch of guys that will do anything for each other. There is nothing I won’t do for my teammates, no matter how bad of a decision they make (of course I will make fun of them and never let them forget). I’ve never been around guys that have a desire to improve and want to be successful as much as my teammates do. We all understand that being great comes with a price, so we all put the work in everyday and know that is exactly what it takes to win. When we aren’t as serious and focused on ball we just goof around as much as we can.

This year has helped me realize why I became a Gator and why God chose this school for me. When asked why I chose UF over so many other schools and why I made the commitment so early I say that it is because of Coach Donovan. The main reason is that he really knows how to develop his players. I can finally say that I understand Coach Donovan really cares about me and wants me to maximize my potential. He sees something in me that I can only dream about. He says I am the only one standing in my way of how great I can be. I love him to death and wish I could have him as a coach for more than four years. Another reason why I love UF so much is the fans. I can honestly say that we have the best fans in not only in college basketball, but in all of sports!!! They deserve recognition and I just want them to know that they really do have an impact during the course of a game. I take pride in playing with passion and energy, when 14,000 fans are going nuts, yelling, and cheering I get goose bumps, and a wave of energy enters my body. All doubt melts from my mind and I feel unstoppable when the Gator Nation is encouraging me to give it my all.

In closing, I hope you are just as excited about this blog project as I am. I really enjoyed writing this first blog and I hope that you enjoyed reading it. I’m going to pour my heart and soul into each one so hopefully you can have a better understanding of me off the court.