Hey everyone!

This is just a quick blog post recapping our annual SunTrust Lady Gator golf tournament.  Even though we had a tough field that included a lot of SEC schools, we managed to hang in there and come out with a win.  We had an obvious advantage because it was our home tournament and we practice on the course almost every day.  Although we know the Mark Bostick golf course like the back of our hand, we had to try our best to eliminate any distractions while we played.  Coach told us each morning before our round that we didn’t have to do anything special out there. This proved to be true and was a big reason why we won the tournament.  We went out there and played like we do at practice everyday.  Our relaxed attitude showed positively in the results as we jumped from 12th place to 1st going into the last round!  Nerves and adrenalin were definitely kicking in but we handled it well and won the tournament by one stroke over Alabama.


I personally like positive self- talk when my nerves and adrenalin are circulating, but some players have certain superstitions they use during play to help calm themselves down. For example, my teammate Camilla always has to mark her golf ball with a big ball marker and never with small markers.  Why?  I don’t know but it’s just her thing. In addition to marking her ball a certain way, her pre-round routine is very meticulous.  I keep it as simple as possible and just hit some different types of clubs and putt a few balls until I feel completely comfortable.  Camilla has to hit short pitches, long pitches, then take some full swings with the 9 or 8 iron then she moves onto the 6 iron, hybrid, fairway woods and finally the driver.  And that’s not even half of it.  Her performance this year shows that her routine seems to work for her. She came in second individually at the tournament and was pronounced SEC Freshmen of the Year.  I personally don’t really believe in superstitions, but it’s funny how your mind works when you’re nervous.  For the Gator Invitational, I ate the same exact breakfast and warmed up the same exact way I did the morning of the first two rounds on the morning of my last round.  I never do that at tournaments.  I usually just eat whatever I’m in the mood for.  I guess I kind of started my own superstition now: eat the same breakfast every morning.


Believe in superstitions or not, we were all nervous, but at the same time excited because we desperately wanted to win our only home tournament of the year.  This win definitely helped set the tone for us to prepare for the Regionals and Nationals as we grind away at our golf games.


Thanks for reading everyone!