It’s a New Year, Gator Nation, and the Grind is back! The past fall was another successful semester for many of my fellow student-athletes in the classroom and on the field. Our mission at the Gator Grind is to bring the fans closer to Florida Athletics and give a different perspective on the lives of student-athletes. Look out for some new content that will dive deeper into the lives of the Gators. We appreciate all that our fans give up and we hope to share a little with them.

This spring is especially significant for me, as it will be my final season swimming for the Orange and Blue. I am also taking my last course and will graduate in May. I am looking forward to finishing my career with great success in the pool and to my new life to come after graduation. Hopefully you will get to know me and my fellow student-athletes as you follow the Gator Grind.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to eat and swimmers are notorious for their diets. I chronicled all that I ate in a typical day as a fun way to get to know me as well as a way to share a little more about the sport of swimming. Food is fuel for all athletes. We pay very close attention to what we eat. We need to eat well to refuel our bodies and ensure we are recovered from workouts and ready to compete. Here is a little taste, pun intended, of my diet. Enjoy, I know I did!

Breakfast, before workout

Greek Yogurt and cereal with


Recovery- post workout drink

with protein and carbs:

Breakfast #2

Two eggs, Havarti cheese on an

everything bagel and apple slices :

Lunch for a busy day on campus

Baked Chicken fingers, sweet potato casserole,

clementine, and a calzone with chicken sausage:

Snack before practice

Cream cheese, raspberry preserve

and peanut butter sandwich:

Recovery drink after practice #2:

Snack after practice

Stuffed sweet red pepper with

rice, lean ground beef, onions, beef

and cheese:

Dinner- Black bean and Quinoa soup and a Angus burger with sweet potato fries all from one of Gainesville’s finest and most delicious restaurants!