Hi Gator Nation!

John-Logan Hines checking in for the Men’s Track and Field team. Being a distance runner, I am often asked questions by people who don’t know much about our sport. Recently, on our trip to Arkansas we had a long 15 hour detour through multiple airports to get to our final destination. The opportunity for question-asking came up often. So I thought I’d give a few answers to a couple FAQs:


What is your year and major?

I’m a Sophomore and a Political Science Major.


How many miles do you run per week? Like 30-40?

No, more like 90-105 a week. (This is always met with absolute shock and a personal anecdote about a third cousin of theirs that ran a 4-hour marathon.)


Do you know Jeff Demps?

Yes, I know Jeff. He is a really good guy and an excellent athlete but we have plenty more of those on our national championship team.


How much do you weigh?

147–150 pounds, depending on the time of season. And I’m one of the bigger guys on the team.


How fast do you run a mile?

I haven’t run it since high school but I ran 4:17 as a senior. Often times this is interpreted to mean I have run a 4 minute mile. I’ll take it and I don’t usually correct them but, I’m not even close.


Are you a vegetarian?

No. I have to make sure I eat plenty of protein to maintain weight and keep myself strong enough to train and race. That being said, I do try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.


Do you eat over 5,000 calories a day like that Phelps guy?

I couldn’t imagine eating that much. I don’t know how much I eat calorically, but it’s enough to keep me full and fit.


Why do you all run shirtless and in those short shorts?

In Florida it is hot. The less clothes, the better. End of story.


Do you ever eat cheeseburgers?

As often as I want. I love a particular burger joint in town—it is one of our favorite destinations. But I don’t eat out too often.


Do you think running is fun?

Yes and No. It depends on the day, but the satisfaction at the end of a day of hard work is not matched by anything.


Thanks for reading!


John-Logan Hines