Hey there Gators and Grinders,

I’d like to introduce you to The Gator Grind 2.0. The site has been completely redone top to bottom and I assure you it’s not just the look that is different this year—new writers, new content, and new forms of media to explore.

In the past, The Gator Grind has served as a great site for storytelling from our athletes, but now our focus has changed—getting to know athletes personally. From serious articles written about the motivation an athlete has to humorous articles about what they did this past weekend, we are offering an in-depth pass into our lives for the fans of the Gator Nation. But it’s not just writing; we are premiering video content ranging from interviews featuring fellow athletes to GoPro videos of us on and off the field.

Social media has become a huge part of the new Grind, as we are up and running on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You will get daily tweets from our athletes and find out what daily life is like for us—not just on game days. So on behalf of the entire staff here at The Gator Grind, welcome to the new site! We’re happy to have you.

About Ryan Rosenbaum

Hey there Gator Nation! My name is Ryan Rosenbaum, and I am the main guy in charge of new Gator Grind. I am a Sophmore on the Men's Swimming and Diving team and a Telecommunications Production major in the classroom. Along with my role as the head of the grind, I am also responsible for what the Grind does on all social media, as well as the "In the Eye of the Gator" articles and a many more. The Grind for me is much more then a blog for athletes at the University, it is doing something that no one else in the nation is doing and as a student of the Telecommunications field, being on the cutting edge is always a great thing. At the University of Florida we have the undying loyalty of the Gator Nation and all of its great fans, so what better way to reward our fans then to give them a fully immersed look into what it's like being a Student Athlete at UF. I am dedicated to the Grind becoming a tradition at the University of Florida and look forward to seeing it grow. Keep Calm and Grind on. GO GATORS