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The pride and support from the gator nation is unrivaled. You’ve been to the games. You’ve memorized the stats. You know the players. Or do you? We are all student athletes. The same hands that are catching touchdown passes on the field are also serving the community and acing finals. We’re defined by our roles as students and athletes. But there’s so much more to the picture. Here at the gator grind we want to put you into our shoes. We invite you to look beyond the box score and join us at

Athletes shown: Jayla Bostic, Rachel Spicer, Demarcus Robinson, Morgan Frazier, Corey Main, Alex Holston, Scottie Wilbekin, Conor Richardson, Clay Burton, Grace VanDeGrift, Stipe Zunic, Katie Mitchell, Mackenzie Caquatto, Brad DeBorde, Damien Jacobs, Bridget Sloan, Taylor Roy, , Stephanie Tofft, Quinton Dunbar.

About Ryan Rosenbaum

Hey there Gator Nation! My name is Ryan Rosenbaum, and I am the main guy in charge of new Gator Grind. I am a Sophmore on the Men's Swimming and Diving team and a Telecommunications Production major in the classroom. Along with my role as the head of the grind, I am also responsible for what the Grind does on all social media, as well as the "In the Eye of the Gator" articles and a many more. The Grind for me is much more then a blog for athletes at the University, it is doing something that no one else in the nation is doing and as a student of the Telecommunications field, being on the cutting edge is always a great thing. At the University of Florida we have the undying loyalty of the Gator Nation and all of its great fans, so what better way to reward our fans then to give them a fully immersed look into what it's like being a Student Athlete at UF. I am dedicated to the Grind becoming a tradition at the University of Florida and look forward to seeing it grow. Keep Calm and Grind on. GO GATORS