In this edition of “Switch a Sport”, I personally took junior right-handed pitcher Ryan Harris to the O’Dome pool to give him a shot at my sport: diving.

It’s a known fact that Harris has great skill on the mound, tying the record for most appearances at 37 in 2013 with former Gator, Connor Falkenbach (2005). This Jupiter, Fla., native has shut down many opponents effortlessly, and held a 3.07 ERA in 58 total innings last season. His accomplishments on the field, however, were irrelevant when he stepped foot on the pool deck.


With fingers crossed, I gave my best shot at teaching this 6’2” pitcher how to maneuver his body through the air. To my surprise, not long after we started his lesson, Harris pulled some tricks out of his sleeve. Needless to say, he qualifies for more than just a baseball player; he has some water sport skills as well.

Spoiler Alert: Not until after filming was I informed that he in fact has been on a diving board before and has one in his backyard at home. Regardless, Harris didn’t look too much like a fish out of water, rather just like a baseball player having some fun.


About Julia Hackett

My name is Julia Hackett, I'm a sophomore on the UF dive team and a St. Thomas Aquinas High School alumnus. I call sunny South Florida home, more specifically, Sunrise, Florida. I'm majoring in journalism with the hopes of one day becoming a sideline and post-game reporter, aiming for baseball and football. I'm a "Jeopardy!" buff and enjoy reading anything from Dr. Seuss to E.E. Cummings...when I have free time that is. My quote to live by: "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."- E.E. Cummings