Its the spring semester and welcome back to the Gator Grind! We are very excited to be back publishing for this semester and in doing so we will be releasing a slew of new articles for the spring as well as old articles that highlight our fall sports teams and players.

Hey guys, it’s me, Natalie, here with my first 20 Question Tuesday. I had the honor of talking with senior Volleyball player Chloe Mann in the heat of her season! Check it out!


What is your nomination for?

I’m a Senior CLASS Finalist. The award goes to a senior student-athlete who excels in 4 areas: community, classroom, character and competition.

What does it mean to you to be in the running?

It’s an honor because it means I’m considered as one of the best well-rounded volleyball players in the country, and not just in sports but for my work in school and my character and service to my community, which is where I grew up.

How has being captain of this year’s team been for you?

It’s been a challenge, but a rewarding one! It’s not always easy and it definitely puts a lot of pressure on me to perform well both on and off the court because I want to set a good example for all my teammates. But’s it’s also given me the opportunity to lead a group of 14 really talented players and really amazing people. They make that job really easy because they’re all so focused on what we have to do to succeed this year.

Favorite part about volleyball?

The team aspect! I used to play tennis and it could get really lonely sometimes. With volleyball it’s nice playing with a group of people that you know have your back all the time and know that you’re all fully invested together to accomplish a common goal.

Favorite food?

Shrimp Pesto Tortellini.

Celebrity crush?

Idris Elba (I was heartbroken when I found out he just had a baby…).

Favorite pump up song?

It changes every game based on my mood that night.

Hardest thing about being captain?

I’m a semi-perfectionist, so being captain just puts some added pressure to lead and be perfect in everything I do because I want to be a good example for those following me.

What are your plans after you graduate?

Hopefully go play pro overseas somewhere.

Brothers or sisters?

Older brother (Johann), younger sister (Tatyana), and a younger brother (Cyril).

Favorite school memory?

The days when there’s no school!


My mom, she’s the strongest, most courageous, and compassionate person I know and I strive to be like her every day!

How did you get into volleyball?

My mom forced me to do a fall sport my freshman year of high school while waiting for tennis season, which was in the spring. I tried out late and had no idea what I was doing so I got put on the freshman team. But after that year I slowly started loving the sport and at one point decided this is what I was made to play!

What other sports did you play as a child?

Tennis, softball, and swimming.

Least favorite food?


Favorite color?


How has volleyball shaped you into who you are today?

It’s taught me a lot about how to grow as a person. Starting the game so late, I always felt behind a lot of my teammates in terms of skill and ability. But I’ve learned that through dedication, self-confidence, and working hard I can excel at anything I put my mind to

Before game snack?

Bagel and cream cheese.

Anyone else in your family play volleyball?


What does being a Florida Gator mean to you?

It means I get to represent the greatest college in the country! It means I get to be a part of a program of that has proven itself every year to be one of the best and I love being a part of a winning tradition!