Getting an injury comes with the nature of being an athlete. Injuries not only affect you physically, but also mentally. It is hard staying positive throughout the recovery process, but if you do, the outcome makes all of the pain worth it. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with some of Florida’s star athletes about how they maintain a positive mindset throughout an injury and how they motivate themselves throughout the rehab process. Come take a look into the mind of an injured athlete.

We caught up with Jeff this past December and this is what he had to say.

What has been the hardest part about the process?

The hardest part has been all of the down time and being away from team. Right now I’m trying to keep up with schoolwork and be around the team as much as possible.

How do your teammates/coaches support you through your recovery process?

When I’m crutching people will come up to me and ask how I’m doing or they will tell me that I’m getting better. It’s the simple things that help me keep a positive mindset and reminds me that I’m not going through this process alone.

What is the rehab like?

For the first month and a half I couldn’t do anything and it was frustrating. Now I am able to do more things. Everyday for an hour and a half I work on stretching it and keeping it mobile. I am doing everything the trainers are telling me to do and trying not to be stubborn and walk on it.

Who is your biggest inspiration to help you get going again?

My parents are my biggest inspiration. When I couldn’t walk, they were up here helping me do day-to-day activities. I want to come back and make them proud by showing them that this one injury won’t ruin my career.

How do you still pump yourself up for practice everyday even though you can’t participate?

I don’t go to practice now but I do go to meetings. Football is very mental. Right now I’m learning all of the game plans and that will help me mature as a player for next season.

Florida’s star quarterback went down early this season against the Tennessee Volunteers. He fractured his fibula and had to get surgery. Jeff is eager to get healthy so that he can participate in spring ball in March. He is working on his mental game in hopes to mature as a player and lead the team to many victories next season.

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