Over the next month, members of the Florida lacrosse team will share their thoughts, experiences and memories as they transition from being high school seniors to freshmen student-athletes.

Gator Grub

So of course here I am writing about food. I have only been here for about five weeks and I definitely know all the good places to go. One of my favorites on campus is Broward Dining; I usually go there between classes and it is so delicious!

At Broward you can make your own omelet, which is my go-to every morning. They have many different options like oatmeal, grits, pancakes, french toast and so many other options. For lunch they also have a sandwich and salad bar, and it’s to die for. When I first got to UF, I would go to Gator Dining all the time, but now I prefer Broward. It is a little bit of a hike from the dorms, but WORTH IT!

Another one of my favorite places to eat is at the HUB.

The HUB has variety of fast-food type choices and a coffee shop. If you are in a quick rush, they have a little store inside to grab something quick between classes.

If I am not in the mood for any of those options, Midtown has many great restaurants. My favorite place out in Midtown is a burrito place – always a good spot to meet up with friends because someone is ALWAYS there. It is one of the favorites among my group of friends.

One of my favorite things to grab when I am in the mood for pizza there is a little place across from campus. It is a to-go window that literally sells slices of pizza, and let me tell you something; it’s some of the best pizza I have had, and I am from Boston – we have great pizza up there!

Living in Lakeside Complex I also got very lucky with having a kitchen in my dorm. My suitemates and I go shopping about every week and stock up so that we can make our own food exactly how we like it.

I love to cook, so it is fun for me to have a kitchen where I live. It helps with the home sickness and it is always nice when you can get what you are craving.

There are so many food options on campus, which is very helpful because being an athlete I have to be very careful and fuel my body with the right foods, and it can be hard sometimes. UF makes it easier on me by having so many different options available and not having me just grabs the quick, unhealthy foods.

The one thing I have not had yet and am so excited about is team training table in the fall! It is a food service specifically for athletes, and it helps us get the foods we need to preform at our best levels, and I hear it is so delicious!