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Pararescue 2

Pararescue Camp

Patrick Air Force base in Cocoa Beach, Florida, is home to a very special group of operatives known as the Pararescue Jumpers, or PJ’s for short. Over winter break, the men’s swim team had the privilege to visit the base for a day and do a little training with the PJ’s.
The day began early with all of us waiting in the lobby of the hotel for the officer to come and meet with us before heading to base. Dressed uniformly in “Gators” shirts and black mesh shorts, we looked like a team. When the officer walked into the lobby, we all quieted down immediately. He briefed us on what to expect at the base and how we would need to be able to depend on each other to make it through the ‘mini training camp.’ We hopped on the bus and rode to the base. When we got off, we deposited our bags in a conference room and hurried outside, where we were told to line up in groups. We were about to be welcomed onto the base–PJ style.