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Gator Move with David Levin

Gator Move is a volunteer program run by student athletes at the University of Florida. Gator track and field athlete David Levin is the head of the program and he says that the program is meant to each elementary students about living a healthy lifestyle. Many athletes at UF are volunteering with the program, and […]

Najee Glass

Fresh Start for Fall

         Moving is never easy, making the change by yourself at a young age with the added pressure of sports/college classes can be difficult. As a Gator Gymnast from Texas, I remember beginning my college career at the age of 17 just before the spring semester began. During that first semester I […]

Hana sladick 1

Meet the writers- Hana Sladick

Love at First Chomp!   Hey! I’m Hana Sladick from the Gator Track and Field team. I’m from sunny Naples, FL where I spent most of my time laying on the beach or training on the track. Besides training, I enjoy photography and volunteering. Some of my latest shoots have been by Lake Alice during […]

JL Hines

Q&A with John-Logan Hines

John-Logan Hines checking in for the Men’s Track and Field team. Being a distance runner, I am often asked questions by people who don’t know much about our sport. Recently, on our trip to Arkansas we had a long 15 hour detour through multiple airports to get to our final destination. The opportunity for question-asking came up often. So I thought I’d give a few answers to a couple FAQs:

Marquis Dendy

Marquis Dendy Q&A

Hey it’s Hana Sladick again giving you the report on Gator Track and Field up and coming star, Marquis Dendy. Marquis Dendy, or as the team likes to call him, Dendy, is a sophomore who competes in long- and triple-jump events.   He recently had a personal record in the long jump of 27 feet […]

Womens track and field

Track Song Tradition

OH OH O-O I GOTTA GO!!!!!! Before the final gun goes off for the last race, a lone Gator stands in front of the team and brings everyone together. “Oh, Oh O-O” he yells and in unison the team responds by repeating “Oh, Oh O-O.” At that moment everyone in the facility knows that the […]